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Online Hospital Bills Payment

Online Hospital Bills Payment

Step 1 Login ( to RHB Internet Banking.
Step 2 Choose 'BillPay' and select 'Open Payment' option to make a one-time payment.
Step 3 Key-in and confirm transaction details. To make a one-time bill payment, you will be required to key-in a One Time Password and mutual authenticate the security code sent to your registered mobile number with RHB Bank before your transaction is being processed.
Step 4 Upon successful transaction, you'll receive a reference no. with a summary of your transaction. Print your online receipt or copy the transaction reference number for your records.

  Details required paying Hospital bills online

Account No.
Additional Ref. No.
Hospital Putrajaya Enter RN No. followed by Bill No.
and separate them with an &. Do not enter / or any other characters. eg. Enter
B00104590&SBBL IP08008290
Enter the full name of the patient. For example, enter Ali Bin Ahmad.