Unit Primer Unit Primer



  1. The Primary Health Care Services
    • Outpatient Clinic (OPD)
    • Reviewed Approach Concept in KK (Reap)
    • Medical Care of Chronic Diseases
    • Family Physician Services
    • Quality Assurance Program (QAP) Primary Health (Care & Asthma Clinic Kawanku)
    • Health Advisory Panel
    • E-Masa Monitoring
    • After Hours Clinic Services
  2. Expanded Scope
    • Elderly Health Care Program
    • Adolescent Health Program
  3. Social Services
    • Rehabilitation Services at Home
    • Kem Kesihatan anjuran JKWPKL & Health Camp organized by JKWPKL & applications from government agencies
  1. Designing and Implementing ABM, via Primary Health Care Services Allocation :
    • Planning and implementing training programs on the Primary Health at the local level such as in-service courses, workshops and conferences.
    • Hold regular meetings with health staff to review and discuss ongoing activities and provide briefings on new activities.
    • Provide and distribute relevant technical guidelines of the Family Health Services to Family Health Physician , Medical Officer of Health, nurses and auxiliary staff.
    • Human Resources and asset management of Primary Health Care Services.
  2. Monitoring Activities:
    • Data/ Report Gathering
    • Analyzing the data in terms of achievements and shortcomings.
    • Recommend improvement measures to improve the quality of primary health services.
    • Regular Monitoring Visits to Clinics to ensure that the norms and regulations  are followed.
  3. Menilai perkhidmatan kesihatan primer melalui:
    • Assessing Performance PTS, SOP, QAP & KPI of the servcies
  4. Pentadbiran
    • Preparation of annual budget for all activities relevant and related to the Family Health and Primary .
    • ABM- Staffing.
    • Equipment requirements.
    • Organizing Courses .
    • Other as required