Industry Expansion Unit Industry Expansion Unit

This unit is responsible for ensuring the implementation of all policies, policies and strategies in relation to the Ministry of Health Malaysia with industry, certification and food safety education for the industry and consumers.

Functions of the Unit
- Plan, implement and evaluate activities of the domestic industry in the state.
- Implement food safety development activities at the school canteen and kitchen, Catering Complex National Service Training Program (NSTP), hospital kitchens, nurseries, kindergartens, including caterers and food service factory.
- Conduct compliance audit and oversight for the implementation of food safety certification schemes such as the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Food Safety Scheme 1Malaysia (SK1M).
- Coordinate the activities of the Food Handlers Training School (SLPM) and monitor the implementation of food handling activities.
- Conduct pre-market Approval system at the state level.
- Implement procedures and guidelines for the control of the domestic industry.
- Provide advice to the industry on food safety requirements.
- Carry out promotional activities of quality management system of food safety
- Manage printing materials etc for use in education
- Coordinate and process applications for the licensing of natural mineral water (AMS) and packaged drinking water (AMB).
- To supervise and check the report source verification of raw materials, water and ice, transport and processing premises.
- Approval of ice and vehicle resources.
- Responsible as the secretariat for the Committee Recommendation for licensing AMS, AMB and an ice factory.
- Public relations, media and industry

Date Update : 20 October 2017