Nutrition Unit Nutrition Unit

Nutrition Unit is part of the component in the development of family health services activities. The unit serves as the coordinator of the Federal Territories and provide technical services on matters related to food and nutrition in order to improve the nutritional status of the community  and in line with the Malaysian National Nutrition Policy.



To become the leader of National Nutrition plan for the development of healthy generation.



To achieve nutritional well-being of Malaysians, Nutrition Unit will:

  • Develop and implement effective programs to the community
  • Integrate nutrition into development programs
  • Improve interagency cooperation in implementing nutrition activities.
  • Encourage active community involvement


General objectives

Making the Nutrition Unit, JKWPKL as Weight Management Reference Centre and Nutrition Promotion in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur.

Specific Objectives

  1. To provide comprehensive nutrition services for the prevention of disease and morbidity and increase and maintain the health of every member of society, with a focus on the following groups:
    • Pregnant women and newborns
    • Infants up to preschool children
    • School children and adolescent
    • Women and men
    • Elderly
    • Children with special needs
  2. To evaluate and monitor the nutritional status of the community.
  3. To promote healthy eating habits and thus keeping the level of nutrition in the community for a healthier life and productive.
  4. Prevent and control problems associated with the lack of nutrition and nutritional advantages.


Key Features

Plan, develop, implement, monitor and evaluate nutrition programs in four areas of planning, monitoring, rehabilitation and nutrition promotion.


Services / Activities Unit

  • Weight Management Program (Trim N Fit) among civil servants JKWPKL
  • Surveillance of the Child Nutrition Status
  • Surveillance Anemia Among Pregnant Mothers
  • Children Rehabilitation Programme Malnutrition
  • Program Supplement Full Cream Milk Powder and Vitamins
  • Breastfeeding promotion (PSI)
  • Promotion of Infant Nutrition and Children, including education about complementary feeding.
  • Surveillance Code of Ethics for Infant Formula Products.
  • Promotion of Healthy Eating - Healthy Nutrition Month and Catering
  • Healthy Community Kitchen Project
  • Nutrition Information Center
  • Nutrition promotion in schools