Training Training

Charter Training and Quality Unit

To ensure the achievement of the vision and objectives set, Training and Quality Unit is committed to:
  1. Ensuring application managed attended within three (3) days after receiving a complete application.
  2. Ensuring composite score calculation induction course evaluation completed and distributed to the MOH Training Division within one (1) month.
  3. Ensure the application to sit for the examination submitted to the relevant agencies within three (3) days after receiving a complete application.
  4. Ensure induction course assessment results communicated to the member within two (2) days after the decision is received from the Training Division of the MOH.
  5. Ensure booking application Seminar Hall informed the applicant within one (1) day.
  6. Ensure that borrowed books are returned by the borrower within the specified period.
Innovation Management Unit
Innovation Management Unit role is to provide support services in implementing the innovation and quality to the members of the Department to increase the effectiveness of service delivery
  1. Plan for staff training.
  2. Implement internal and external training programs.
  3. Evaluate the effectiveness of training programs.
  4. Planning and management of examinations department.
  5. Manage and maintain the resource room and seminar hall of the Department.
  6. Act as the secretariat for the implementation of departmental quality.
  7. Training Committee acts as the secretariat.

Date Modified : 16 August 2017