Counselling Counselling

Counseling Psychology Unit Department of Health Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya, officially began operations on 3 December 2007. Counseling Psychology Unit established by the Public Service Circular Number 1, 1999, informing the department about the importance of counseling services in their respective agencies.

Officer of the Ministry of Health Psychology Malaysia knowledgeable, skilled and efficient as a catalyst to make Malaysia a healthy emotionally to overcome the challenges and stress in the head of the Vision 2020.

Malaysia Ministry of Health Psychology Officer will provide professional psychological counseling and more recently, client-friendly, technology-friendly, efficient and effective.

Services interests Counseling
Counseling services is one of the personnel management function is very important. Effective counseling management should be able to help a member of the condition themselves from falling into various personal problems, career, family and interpersonal relationships, or provide programs to reduce the burden borne by those who have stuck with the problem. Effective counseling services can also help members of the public service, particularly in the Department of Health Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur & Putrajaya enhance their personal development to achieve a high level of psychological functioning and productive work production and quality.


Provide counseling services to health personnel who need to achieve optimal self-consciousness. Guiding the client to be more open in terms of thought and action that can be used to develop the existing potential towards self-improvement and organization.

Developing and implementing programs / activities aimed at raising awareness and skills to enable individuals to manage emotions, thoughts and behaviors more effectively.
Who needs Chancellor

  • Not for the troubled
  • Not crazy, but normal individuals who want to know and understand themselves
  • Want to understand the reality of self and life
  • Want to increase potential
  • Mind and emotional disorders
  • Confused with the problem yourself and life
  • Social relations of conflict
  • Need a place to complain
Officer Duties and Role

     1. Take appropriate steps and actions to inform and promote counseling services available to all members in the department.
     2. Implement counseling activity include 4 aspects:

               • Growth
               • Prevention
               • Intervention
               • Recovery

    1.  Conduct individual counseling sessions and group counseling, family, marriage, tele-counseling,        consultation and crisis intervention.
     2. Prepare reports on the development of counseling activities.
     3. Store all files / records / counseling session (confidential) for follow-up and statistical purposes.
     4. Help build module human development programs.
     5. Help implement the monitoring, research, and the study of human development.
     6. Psychological help provide input for the development of prevention and rehabilitation.
     7. Help manage underperforming and troubled officers.
     8. Prepare reports for the purpose of monitoring and investigation records, reports and quality improvement of existing services counseling.
     9. Maintain, store, distribute and test devices psychological inventory and provide recommendations need testing tools and appropriate psychological inventory.
    10.Implement activities / training program in the administrative tools and inventory psychological test.
     11.To assist in testing / psychological inventory, analysis and surveys.
    12. Responsible for reporting the activities of counseling at least six months to Counseling & Psychological Services Division, Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Code of Ethics Counselor Job

     Keep Confidentiality
     Taking care of Client Rights
     Clients receive Unconditional

Services are provided each:

     HOURS 9.00 AM TO 5.00 PM

Date Modified : 13 March 2017