HIV unit is one unit in the Division of Public Health JKWPKL & Putrajaya. This unit is designed to run orientated activities / programs of prevention and treatment for HIV / AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases in particular for public facilities under the supervision JKWPKL & Putrajaya.

The unit is also in pertangungjawabkan to provide technical advice to the agency - not the MOH and private agencies in the care and HIV / AIDS and STIs.

1 - To reduce the spread of HIV / AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases among those at risk.
2 - To achieve the government and international agencies to achieve the Millennium Development Goals.

  1. Control and Prevention Program AIDS / STD

    Dissemination of information relating to HIV / AIDS / STD through education and effective communication involves:

    • Circulation of leaflets, posters and other educational materials.
    • Static or mobile exhibition
    • Seminar, conference and meeting.
    • Hold World AIDS Day.
    • Youth Running Program Healthy Without AIDS (PROSTAR) in schools.
  2. Monitoring and Surveillance Activity Reten Analysis
    • Case Registration (National Burden Diseases)
    • Notification of cases of Infectious Disease Control Act 1988
    • Investigation of cases (NAR-INQUIRY-2008)
    • Contact Tracing / partner notification.
    • Reten-month reten
    • Continuous and Systematic Data Collection
  3. Program of prevention and control of AIDS through Harm Reduction Program
    • Injection Needle Exchange Program Expansion - Planning and implementing activities injection needle exchange program (NSEP) in the clinic.
    • Monitoring and Evaluation - Monitor activities injection needle exchange program (NSEP) in the clinic.
  4. The activities of prevention and detection of cases of infection. Carry out HIV screening involves:
    • Blood donor / organ.
    • Blood dependents patient.
    • Receiver Organ / Tissue.
    • Migrant workers
    • STD patients
    • TB patients
    • Sex workers are "direct" or "indirect."
    • The public is at high risk through the Voluntary HIV Screening / Anonymous.
    • Maternity (PMTCT)
    • Contact them are HIV positive.
    • Brides through Pre-Marital HIV Screening (Pre Marital Screening)
    • Client Harm Reduction Program (Harm Reduction) – Drug injection needle exchange program (NSEP), Methadone, and condoms.
  5. Treatment Program With Methadone Replacement Therapy (MMT)

Date Update : 25 May 2016