Client's Charter Client's Charter


1. Providing accurate SERVICES informative, fast and friendly customer-driven quality and high integrity and ethics in line with the ruling TO ENSURE:

a) Customers will begin receiving services at the Health Clinic / Dental Clinic and pharmacy within 30 minutes of card registration or scanned.

b) In the emergency department, customers will be categorized according to their priority to the following cases:

i. Red Zone: The patient is treated immediately.

ii. Yellow Zone: The patient is examined within 15 minutes.

c) Health certificate issued after the complete documents and information obtained from the States who apply in time:

- 3 days (if the products have HACCP certification from the Ministry of Health).

- 21 working days (if product is no certificate of HACCP).

d) Certificate of Free Sale issued to the Company which apply within 24 hours after the documents and complete information available.

2. Licensing Services to ensure the government and private premises to be effectively implemented in accordance with the provisions of the law stipulated TO ENSURE:

a) That after receiving a complete new application from the customer;

i. A visit to the premises of the applicant for the purposes of license hospitals and clinics will be made within 14 working days.

ii. Pharmacy License of toxins types A, B, E and Sodium Hydroxide permit will be issued within 10 working days.

3. Ensure DISEASE PREVENTION AND CONTROL SERVICES, covering all levels of society by ensuring that:

a) Control of epidemic prevention in the last 24 hours from the date of notification received for all infectious diseases.

b) Investigation of cases of death due to infectious diseases is in the last 24 hours from the date notification is received.

c) Ensuring the promotion and health education services to enhance a healthy lifestyle and proper use of medications to include all segments of society to consider talks / exhibition to subscribers conducted after receiving at least 1 week from the date of the event beyond the planning JKWPKL & P.

4. ADMINISTRATION AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT ensure managed strategic and quality to meet customer requirements in accordance with the rules and procedures in force TO ENSURE:

a) The management of customer complaints are recorded and notified of acceptance within 3 working days and replied to the complainant about the action that has been made within 14 working days from receipt of the complaint.

b) the payment of bills and claims management settled within 14 days from the date of approval of payment confirmation.



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