Management Division:

i. Any payment of bills and claims will be settled within 14 days from the date of receipt.

ii. Any complaints received are recorded and notified to follow up within 3 days of receipt.

iii. Any changes on the income statement Officers (Kew.8) for appointment of new members prepared and submitted to Finance within 14 working days.

iv. JKWPKL & P website is updated every week.

Public Health Division:

i. Report on the implementation of monitoring indicators of activities is presented in Section KesihatanAwam the Public Health Division Meeting every 6 months.

Medical Division:

i. Examination and report to the hospital license renewal (for applications received within the prescribed period of six (6) months before the expiry of the license) ready to be submitted to the Private Medical Practice Control Branch, Ministry of Health of three (3) months prior to expiration of license.

ii. Monitoring visits conducted by the supervisory team at least two (2) months.

iii. Ensure that all events have passed medical coverage team.

Pharmacy Division:

i. Enforcement:

Issuance of new licenses type A / B / E and NaOH Permit issued within 10 working days after receiving a complete application.

ii. Pharmacy Management:

Ensure that human capital and optimal design of the training dealt with in accordance with other requirements of sound financial management in accordance with regulations.

iii. Management and Development Branch:

Ensuring accessibility and use of quality drugs through the effective practice of pharmacy to improve pharmacy services in Malaysia to be on par with the progress of development of PSD in developed countries.



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