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1.    How do I report or make a complaint about the incident of infectius disease such as Hand, Foot, and Mouth (HFMD), Food Poisoning, and other   contagious diseases prevailing in my region? 
    You can report or complain all infectious diseases on the Communicable Disease Control Unit at the District Health Office in your area or you can  contact us at tel: 03-26983757

2.    How can I get the vaccination like meningitis vaccination for performing umrah? 
    You can get the vaccination by contacting the District Health Office in your area.

3.    When a child can get measles vaccination?
    Babies can get measles vaccination when they reach age 1 year and above. For infants and children aged 1 year and over who have not been vaccinated, the parents or guardians can get it at a health clinic near you.

4.    How do I know if a baby or child has or has not to be vaccinated Measles Immunization? 
    You can check the health of children books provided or referred to the nearest health clinic in your area.


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